5 Books about Snow for Preschooler

5 Books about Snow for your Preschoolers

It’s January, so we are doing our Snow Unit Lesson so here are 5 books about snow for your preschooler! As a Houstonian transplant from the Northeast I am desperately missing snow and all things winter. This post gives a breakdown of our “Snow Unit Lesson” for the month of January. It provides what we will do each week, reading lists, craft ideas, and letter work to accompany to lessons.

In Week 1, I am introducing all things SNOW and here are some of the books I am optimizing to teach my little ones about SNOW! Here are five books that you can probably find at your local library or purchase off Amazon to help your little one learn about snow and what happens when it snows.

  • Snow by Cynthia Rylant
    This book makes me so nostalgic about my childhood memories of playing in the snow!
  • Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
    This book celebrates all things snow from drinking hot cocoa to sled riding!
  • Snow by Erin Edison
    This explains what snow is, how it is formed, and what happens with it SNOWS! It helps kids understand the basic science of snow.
  • Snow On Snow on Snow by Cheryl Chapman
    A story about a little boy losing his dog in the snow!
  • Snow by Urni Shulevitz

Each week I select 4-5 books to read daily to the children during our Unit Lesson. This allows the children to memorize parts of the book, look deeply at the photographs, and absorb all the information the book has to offer!

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