Five nature-based activities to do with your kids in Morocco

We are an outdoorsy family! We love exploring in nature. So it only made sense that we would search for more nature-based activities in Morocco.

We we first arrived in Morocco I was a bit worried that my kids would not be able to explore the outdoors because most cities are rather congested in Morocco. There isn’t ample room for outdoor play in cities but if you dig a little deeper you can find ample room for outdoor play during your holiday to Morocco!

Before traveling to Morocco I researched Maroc Mama‘s Morocco with Kids guides, which is also a great resource to know about if you’re visiting Morocco with kids! Based on our experiences, here are the top five activities we did with our kids in Morocco!

  1. Visit the Atlas Mountains
    We love the mountains so the first weekend we went to a resort in the Atlas Mountains, Terres d’Amanar. You can see our blog post here about why we loved Terres d’Amanar! The Atlas Mountains are easily assessable from Marrakech or Fez and they have ample room for kids to explore, play, and breath fresh air!
  2. Take a day trip to the beach
    As Morocco is a coastal country you can easily reach the ocean from a few different cities. Since we were mainly in Casablanca, El Jadida (just south of Casablanca), and Rabat we has easy access to the sea! Other cities such as Tangier, Safi, and Essaouira are all located along the ocean so you could easily plan ample beach play dates from those locations!
  3. Explore Rabat
    From my short time in Morocco I found Rabat to be a green city. A Moroccan friend told me that Morocco’s King Mohammed VI suffers from asthma so he has actively made Rabat a green city with lush trees and parks. While in Rabat the kids explore the Mausoleum of Mohammed V.
  4. Horseback riding
    My kids love horses, so we took them for a day of horse back riding at the Equestrian Center in El-Jadida! The kids got to pet, play, and ride horses one afternoon and I think it was one of the most memorable memories from their trip to Morocco!
    Note, there are also tours that you can arrange to go horseback riding in the Atlas Mountains, which I hopefully will plan when the kids are a bit older!
  5. Go to a local farm
    This one might be a bit tricky but if you can arrange to visit a local farm in a village it would be super memorable! Village life in Morocco is filled with outdoor fun, sun, and ample time to slow down! My sister-in-law has a farm that they use on the weekends to get out of Casablanca so we took all the kids there and everyone enjoyed the free space and time to roam, explore, play, and rest!

There you have it, 5 things our kids enjoyed in Morocco! Other activities I think older kids could enjoy in Morocco could be surfing. There are surf schools along the coastal cities and older kids who are strong swimmers would definitely enjoy learning to surf!

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