5 Journal Prompts to Make You a More Mindful Mom

5 journal prompts to make you a more mindful mom

I created these 5 journal prompts to help myself be a more mindful mom and I think everyone could enjoy/benefit from them. I’ve been having a rough time parenting these days. Even though I aspire to be a more mindful mom there are moment where I merely react to events that happen through the day. We are at the tantrum twos (I hate terrible twos because they’re merely releasing emotions) and my almost five year old has also been battling big emotions. So I have been reflecting on how I can be a better more proactive parent, rather than a reactive one.

  1. How do you react when something goes wrong (e.g., a tantrum happens, a cup of milk spills, etc)? After reflecting upon that follow up with this prompt. How do you want to react when something goes wrong?
  2. How would you describe your parenting last week? What went well and what didn’t go so well?
  3. Think of one thing that went wrong in the past month (e.g., a spill, a huge melt down in a store, etc). Describe the situation, what happened, what triggered your child, what was your reaction, and what were your triggers? If you could go back to that situation, what would you do differently?
  4. What are things that went well? How can you expand those joyful moments in your daily life?
  5. How can you take a few moments to nourish yourself this week?

BONUS: What brings you joy in your household/family life?

So there you have it, reflect upon these questions and journal them down. They’re meant to make you a more reflective mother which will probably help you bring mindfulness into your daily routine with your little ones.

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