Non-toxic + organic sunscreen guide for kids

Here are my tried and true favorite non-toxic + organic sunscreens for kids! We live in Texas where it is sunny most of the year and the summer sun is hot & strong! Since we apply sunscreen most of the year I am a sunscreen expert! I have not used conventional sunscreens on my kids because there are a host of nasty ingredients in them that I am not keen on rubbing all of my kiddos skin. EWG has a great post that goes over all the ingredients found in your average sunscreen. Also, master tip I always run every item I use on a daily basis through the EWG app to ensure it is non-toxic!

non-toxic + organic sunscreens

It is important to realize that most non-toxic + organic sunscreens will be a tad harder to rub in and won’t apply as easily as conventional sunscreens. So it’ll take some getting used to if you’re switching for the first time.

  1. All Good Kids Sunscreen SPF 30
    This sunscreen is great because it is formulated for sport use so it is water resistant and is a strong SPF 30!
  2. Blue Lizard Kids SPF 30
    A little bit of Blue Lizard goes a long way and it goes on well! It is mineral formulated and reef-safe, so its an overall good option!
  3. Badgers Balm Kids Face Stick SPF 35
    I love this face stick and have one formulate for adult faces as well! It is easy to apply and is easy to take with you everywhere you go throughout the summer!
  4. Thinkbaby SPF 50
    This sunscreen is formulated for babies! It goes on very WHITE! Just an FYI but works quite well! It is all mineral based and has a higher SPF than other brands listed here!
  5. Kiss My Face SPF 50 Kids Spray
    I love sports sprays because they’re easy to apply to my kids when they’re running around the pool! This one is great and has a higher SPF than others listed! I’ve also used their brand’s face sunscreen!

Here are my tried & true 5 non-toxic + organic sunscreens that I have used numerous time son my own kids & myself! I hope you enjoy. As always remember to reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes to 1 hour during the summer. Also, try to avoid being out in the sun from noon to 3pm when it is at its strongest. Also, check out my post on sun safe infant swimwear for your little one this summer!


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