About Planting My Tree

homeschool mom

I’m Grace, the content creator behind Planting My Tree. A mom of two. A former a PhD candidate / world traveler / linguistic / adventure junkie. Now you can find me settled in our home in Houston, Texas cooking nutritious foods for our family, homeschooling our two children, and figuring out how to meditate. I like all things wellness and holistic healing. I’ve tried a million different wellness regimes in the past and finally have a routine that fits into my busy chaotic life.

I don’t have all the answers and I am still on the journey of self-discovery. Thus, Planting My Tree is my manifesto of self-discovery as a mom.

Planting My Tree is aimed at sharing tips I have learned along the way to help foster healthy and happy children, our homeschool journey, and my own personal mindful + health journey. Lets me real kids need a healthy momma I hope to inspire the WHOLE family.

In the ‘Dairy’ tab I share my own views and personal narratives. Whereas, the ‘Blog’ tab is research-based articles coupled with product reviews and our homeschooling resources.