Ramadan Books for Kids

Ramadan Books for Kids

Alhamdillilah, Ramadan is quickly approaching! It has been a goal of mine to provide my children with as many books about Ramadan as possible! Each year I add to our Ramadan library so in this post I will break down what books we have about Ramadan plus what books I intent to purchase for this Ramadan! I love reading Ramadan book to my children each day of Ramadan and want to share that joy with you!

Kids Books about Ramadan, that we currently have and love

  1. My First Ramadan
    This is the very first book I bought for my daughter on her first Ramadan and we have read it each and every Ramadan!
  2. It’s Ramadan Curious George!
    I love Curious George and adore that they’ve made a book about Ramadan for kids Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Also, a friend read this at her daughter’s elementary school and another friend read it at a local library last year for Ramadan!
  3. 30 Days of Learning and Good Deeds (Islamic Books for Kids)
    This book has a mini-lesson for you to do with your kids each day of Ramadan. It focuses on a good deed to implement that day, Islamic knowledge, and I believe a Quran verse to go over! We really enjoyed it last Ramadan and I will most definitely re-read it for several Ramadans, inchAllah, while my kids are growing up!
  4. Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book
    We went through this activity and sticker book last Ramadan. I honestly didn’t do any of the activities since I was working last Ramadan but our children and their nanny seemed to enjoy it!
  5. Ilyas & Duck – Ramadan Joy!
    I really love all of the Ilyas & Duck stories! I find that their books are well written and teach the children wonderful values!
  6. Ramadan Moon
    This books emphasis is on the Ramadan Moon! We read through it a couple of times last year and the kids enjoyed the story line!

Kids Books about Ramadan that we intent to buy this year!

  1. Ramadan Around the World
    We use the author’s Arabic learning materials (I will write a review on these items later) and love them. So this Ramadan I want to ensure that I support her by purchasing Ramadan around the world! My friend’s children have this book and love it! She even said they read it all year!
  2. Rami the Ramadan Cat
    This is stocked through Ruqaya’s Bookshelf, a female owned virtual bookstore! I really want to support smaller Muslimah owned shops this Ramadan so I am super excited to support her vision + books!
  3. Who Will Help Me Make Iftar?
    Another book that is on Ruqaya’s Bookshelf! A story about who will help make Iftar!
  4. Lailah’s Lunchbox
  5. Under the Ramadan Moon
    We checked this out last year from the library and I really loved it so I will hopefully, inchAllah buy it this year before Ramadan begins!

So there you have it, here are all the books we have about Ramadan + the books we intend to buy this Ramadan. I usually rent books from the library but I really enjoy supporting Muslim authors! I think as Muslim parents we should all expose our children to books about Islam + support our beautiful and brilliant authors!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!